The leading Renewable Energy Company in Madagascar

 Fuelstock is a pioneering project producing both renewable energy and food from eroded land.

 A model for the future

Fuelstock is transforming the landscape and the lives of thousands of rural farmers by cultivating both organically produced kidney beans and energy crops.

Fuel for Food – Food for Fuel

Fuelstock is working with the International Fund For Agricultural Development (IFAD) part of the United Nations – to improve food yields across Madagascar.

Fuel for Food

Fuelstock is (i) providing home grown biofuel to replace diesel in land development, (ii) it is providing organic seeds to improve kidney bean productivity and (iii) it is ensuring that all materials are EU compliant. In this way Fuelstock is helping to transform Madagascar from a food importer into a self-sufficient food exporter – thereby changing the lives of millions of rural farmers.

Food for Fuel

Fuelstock is also planting food crops between jatropha plants to improve soil and plant yields.

It is therefore a Model for the Future